Why Marketing Performance Problem is Really a Measurement Challenge


Identify the backlogs of poor marketing strategy and figure out the effective results. Improving the position of the company is the crucial and tough task for the marketers. Achieving the success for the marketing team is not easy for any company in the market. 

Marketing fails when the team launches the campaigns without any insights and proper investigation on growth and ROI. Implementing the low-value target and leading in the wrong are the reasons for the uncertain marketing failures.

Companies in the market work for the common objective to improve the position, but implement a different structure to reach the objectives. Focus on the leads, sales and other standard measures to improve the growth of the company. Identify the troubleshoots and figure them with relevant solutions.

Digital Marketing is Complex

Traditional marketing is struggling to maintain the shine. Digital era had dominated the traditional marketing, digital marketing practices are crucial for every single company in the market. The digital platform is the best platform to engage with the audience, but also implementing digital marketing is a complex task. This is the reason for the traditional marketing existence.

Digital marketing is included with complicated strategies with effective engagement with the customers. The appropriate implementation of the digital marketing strategies will direct the company into the audience with the best outcome.

Marketing Team Don’t Share Goals 

Many companies segment their marketing team, marketing and media are the two divisions that relate a different aspect of each segmentation. Every company deals with multiple agencies and relationships. These segmented elements will be supervised by directors and a team of managers.

Digital world re-defined the measurements and made it more difficult to improve the efficiency. An organization has many employed members and this complicated procedure will indicate the key performance indicators that lead to fragment and worthless optimization.

Hurting Rather than Helping 

If a team performs with efficiency and is successful to reach goals and objectives. This process will improve the customer satisfaction and also sales funnel of the company. Marketing team failed to deliver the efficiency that will hurt the company.

Aligning Metrics to a Common Goal is Key

Marketing team and management should focus on the company goals and objectives. KPIs tracking will demonstrate the progress of achievement. Measure the effectiveness of every individual touch point that relates every customer journey will illustrate the experience of an individual.

Multi-Touch Attribution 

Many brand companies oppose the use of enhanced attribution methods. Multi-attribution methods respond accurately with best efforts in marketing and media touch points. This process is objected to working unity in the organization. Multi-touch attribution will combine for the data performance measures. This process includes third-party behavioral and demographic audience data to improve the insights performance by the segmented audience.


Every strategy has two sides, depending on how it was implemented. Digital marketing created a pool of opportunities to bring the company into the limelight of success. Multi-touch attribution is advisable for the audience to achieve the goals and objectives.

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