Tips for Successful B2B Landing Pages

Landing pages are the key to achieving success in online campaigns and these pages are the decision taking pages. Plan and execute using lead- generation campaigns will include creativity and hard work to design and distribute banners and emails. Landing pages are efficient in the online campaign, but also creates a lot of confusion in users. Landing pages must ensure to grab the qualified customer these customers can complete their registration formalities with ease.

Tips to Convert prospects to leads by optimising B2B landing pages

  1. Let email, banner ads, and landing page speak:

The landing pages are designed to attract users and make them register to utilise services like white paper, watching a video and viewing a webinar.  There are few suggestions to be followed by emails, ads and landing pages.

  • Attention-grabbing design for best mobile experience.
  • One shot to ensure the call-to-action.
  • Respond should be accurate and relevant
  • Constant use of brand and products.
  • HTML coding functionalities should work on various devices. 
  1. Create a Dedicating Landing page

The landing page will provide a unique online campaign. The audience will prefer to register in a specified webinar. Providing a page that should be the main focus should be webinar registration. Include a link of a website after successful registration and include social media icons on the landing pages. Including link of other pages should be the second priority

  1. Build trust by cohering with a brand and creative guidelines

The design of the landing page should relate with the website and marketing materials. Users come across the landing page and they must find the logo and other brand elements that should reflect the content of the organisation. If the user won’t find the logo that makes them close the page. 

  1. Consistent design elements across email, banner ads, and landing pages

Arriving on landing pages through email or ad must make them feel they are at the right place. Logo and other brand elements should relate with email or ad. Landing pages should look like a break less projection of information to users.

  1. Make a user register

The user might not be satisfied with the content to get registered, make sure they can find reasons to get registered.  Include the useful and healthy amount of content to grab their focus.

  1. Display Preview Content

Allow the user to view the few parts of content before registration. Provide a snapshot of the content, it might be a video, image anything that should highlight the website or landing page.

  1. Make Registration Accurate and Simple

Including too many questions will lead to leaving users without registration. The registration process should be simple and should contain few fields like first name, last name, and mobile number. Once the information is gathered then initiate gathering more deeply. After registration, display a thank you message to confirm registration.

  1. Unique for Desktop and Mobile

Following a unique design and coding technique while preparing a landing page. Make sure users feel the same when they use it on both desktop and mobile. Provide registration form easy to find and provide supportive content or a preview material. A bright colored register button on the top will make the user tap.

  1. Specified domain name to landing pages

Mention the domain name that will give a brief about the offering content. Domain names are cheap and reliable to purchase. Landing pages are allocated in sub-folders on the website. Specifying domain will create new ways to represent the content.

  1. Initiate Analytics and Test

Keep track of registered users percentage. In case of videos or PDF, analyse the registered user count. Try some different testing strategies for landing pages. Testing will provide valuable information for future campaigns.  


Landing pages should be simple and must be optimise to create better user experience towards initial emails and banner ads. These landing pages with registration forms will create a lot of difference in the success of the campaign.

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