The Importance of Transparency and Understanding Risk in Link Building

Link Building

Link building is an essential technique in SEO. This technique is used to exchange the links with two different sites. This procedure will uplift the quality back links to the site and also the SERP visibility. Link building is segmented into different types. This process is crucial and critical to implement.

Identify the Risk 

Link building is limited with Google guidelines. Many companies won’t look back for the links that have been built for the website. Link building will lift the website and improve the traffic towards the website. Companies must be aware of links that have been created by the link builders. A great link and bad link operate the same functionality but affect the website according to the specifications.


There are many link building companies in the market, who assign the subcontractors to accomplish the link building process that is initially assigned to them. This kind of scenario will mislead the company in the wrong direction. If a company has implemented the paid links to the website. They should be prepared with the backup plan to overcome the problem arising from these paid links.

Google Guidelines

Link building will lead the website in the ranking positions. This was being considered as the main objective and the guidelines provided by Google, which are not followed by the link builders. Make the link builders follow the tactics to overcome the risk that can raise the difficulty.

Link Building Education 

The non-industry related audience is not aware of the different concepts in link building. Algorithm updates, manual penalties, and disavowing links are the concepts and issues that a service provider and a link builder should be aware of.

Many paid links are worthy of the cost and improve the rank of the page and they are not risky as well. Explain the significance of the link building and the tactics to implement it relevantly.

What is the Risk?

Google guideline violation will reflect badly on the websites. Websites with Google guidelines violations are dropped down even after they had their with ultimate PageRanking. The risk of avoiding the guidelines will cause the website to bring down the rank. A company should have a transparent conversion with the link builders and with the team.

Examples and Penalty  

Recommend the company to suggest a few examples, which will provide the idea to initiate the process. Link building companies cannot suggest a link for the companies, but a company can suggest the examples for the backlinks.

Regular audit of links will avoid the problems in the potential. If a company is going with a huge level of a project, they are suggested to have an organized plan.


Prediction is not advisable, things can work well and they can go beyond the expectations. It will always be two-sided and cannot be guaranteed. Link builders worked in Google and Bing can assure the result.


Link building can have the capability to attain the Google ranking and Alexa ranking, but it matters with what type of approach a link builder follows and what type of procedure a company follows. Paid links need to be concentrated and they need to audit them regularly to improve the traffic.

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