Streamline Employee Time and Attendance Process

Time and Attendance tracking of the employee is the most crucial element in most of the organizations. If we neglect the initial stages, later it will affect the productivity and profitability of the business. Employers of every sector of the industry are facing challenges to improve employee attendance. The labor bureau of India has done a survey on trends of absenteeism; we will discuss some of those insights as well.

We have two major categories, public sector and private sector in Indian industry. Absenteeism is less in the public sector (8.1%) than the private sector (8.95%). If compare no. of people who are absent in 2011 has increased to 8.90% than 7.89% in 2010.

Here are the four ways to streamline the time and attendance process:

1) Define Attendance and Leave Policies, and make them easily available

To manage Attendance and Leave in any organization, firstly clear Attendance & Leave policy should be in a place, and easily accessible to the employees. There are various HR software’s available in the market for fixing the company wise policies and rules for time management, factor is one of them. They treat all the employees of the company equally and impose rules fairly.

2) Flexibility of Attendance

We can set shift-wise and fixed Time Attendance policies and schedules. Customized settings as per organization needs will enhance employees work behavior, increase satisfaction and bring transparency.

3) Detail Time Tracking and Reports 

Every organization has to maintain the detailed attendance record such as swipe in and swipe out timings, reason for their absenteeism and reason for being late to the office. This information will be useful in case any disciplinary action has to be taken against the employees. Reports generated are helpful for both employees and employers, both in the calculation of over-time hours, compensation and incentives.

4) Automated Bio-metric Attendance 

These days all-most all the companies are using bio-metric devices to track the attendance of employees. This attendance information is sent for processing to an integrated Time and Attendance system. If in case we want to track time of hourly workers, bio-metric time clock is the best choice.

5) Employee e- Portal Facility

Organization enables users to interact directly with their human resource data to inquire, review and act upon transactions in the workplace. Employees can easily check their leave balance, check and track their attendance and apply leave online by employee friendly e-portal.

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