Redefining Facebook Marketing: Time for Relationships

Facebook has refocused on their core elements. The ultimate aim is to stay connected with the people. Customers are first priorities than their own profit. They focused on providing relevant content that could strengthen the social interactions.

This announcement brought smiles on faces, but the next announcements have changed their insights. The second announcement describes the end of individual pages and posts that use engagement bait.

Engagement bait:

Talking about the posts suggested to like, share and comment. Casting the vote or entering into the contest are some of the preferred activities on Facebook. Vote baiting, React baiting and Share baiting are samples for engagement baiting.

Work with Facebook:

Facebook is a business platform, marketers use this platform to provide a good user experience. Facebook has a “Like” button that will gather massive data about the user. Hit-a Like, likes and dislikes of a user can be identified. 

They collect and analyze the data then they sort out the insights. Facebook handles front-end and back-end both functionalities. Based on the likes and dislikes Facebook serves related ads for the users.

Facebook is a huge platform with many customers and an audience. Marketers must not forget, Facebook is a business platform that allows some space for the business and also our revenue has a share with Facebook. 

Facebook changes are related to customer satisfaction and experience. Marketers cannot reach and create relationships. Joining Facebook and utilizing the platform as a workspace is not against them. They change their algorithm every day but that doesn’t matter, but its all about creating a system and the bond with the people.   

Don’t push the limits:

Facebook is very much concerned about their Terms and Policies that maintain the honor of their platform. They help to engage and build relationships with the customers.  They have an eye on limits or boundaries. Crossing boundaries will raise an unexpected issue that will take the marketer to the final stage.

If the marketer has crossed the limits, he will be flagged as a spam. Then the particular will be closed for the next 24 hours for misuse of platform policy. An apology must be written to Facebook addressing the issue and ensuring non-repetition of policy misuse. Most probably the account will get restored. Facebook policy changes are good for everyone, in case of a limit has crossed account will be banned.


Facebook emphasis on customer relationship, which is a game changer for Facebook marketer. The main purpose of business is to put customers in front. This change will connect the customers internally with social media. Marketers must take time to sort out the customers and also all the possible ways to engage with them.

Facebook has launched three new types of ads that will help business and relationships building with customers. These three types of advertisements are used to target audience inbox, Messenger Ads, Sponsored ads and Click-to-messenger ads.

Messenger ads: This messenger ads will be displayed on the messenger home screen along with other messages in the inbox. These look like regular messages as they get mingled in the chat box of the messenger.

Sponsored messages:  These messages are directly sent to the target audience within the messenger that contains a conversation. With this, you are able to send messages directly about new offers and also about limited products.

Click-to-Messenger ads: these messages are displayed as a news feed on the Facebook wall. Interested will click on the “send message” that will open the or start the conversation with the specified brand


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