Inventory Management System

Inventory Management system software is a professional tool for specific business(trade & wholesale) to handle supplies, stocks, or inventory.

WHAT is Inventory Management System?

“Inventory Management is an overarching term that refers to your tracking system for every phase in the product life cycle. It can include your sales forecasting, product ordering, supply chain management, warehouse management, and customer fulfillment solutions.”

WHEN the Inventory Management is perfect?

Features that make inventory management software suitable for businesses are:

  1. Ability to track inventory status
  2. Set up alerts as per the sales history
  3. Keep track of sale/purchase orders to plan out purchases
  4. Seamless user interface to help save time
  5. Best price to value delivery


  1. Stock Management
  2. Product Wise full Details
  3. Multi user Access
  4. Report Scheduling
  5. Access Reports from anytime and anywhere.
  6. Portable data
  7. Barcode Support
  8. Works on standalone and offline mode. 

WHY Inventory Management system?

Business keeps track of their supplies to make sure the company runs smoothly. Having a professional inventory management tool, you can schedule alerts for items as per their demand in your store. It will ensure that supplies stay in place, and your business operations stay functional.

  • Remote Monitoring of Reports through Smart phones.
  • Advanced Report Scheduling
  • Manage stocks and Track Materials Efficiently
  • Modify Bill Format.
  • Built in analytics
  • Multiple Branch Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Low Ownership Cost  

HOW Inventory Management is useful?

Help to Generate and track GST, VAT Taxation, If your tax under NIL Tax also works

  • Saves Money, Time, and Effort
  • Increases Business Efficiency and Productivity.
  • Reduce the Risk of Over stock items
  • Instantly know the accurate status of your inventory
  • Backup and Restore facility
  • Data safety and security


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