How to Turn a Blog Post into the Structured Infographic

Infographic is a vital element in the content marketing strategies and it is capable to carry any type of content efficiently. Infographics had earned the recognition in the industry. It can carry the content of the blog post and any news articles. Infographics are the visual treat that works efficiently to convey the content to the audience. 

A blog post can be turned into an infographic and that doesn’t need any budget and time to convert it. To turn a blog post into an infographic content should be reduced and key points should be included and then transform the post into an infographic. Beginners can follow these steps to convert the blog post into an efficient visual design.

Tips to Reduce the Blog Post Content for Infographic  

Infographic designs should contain either less or moderate content. Huge content will outline the worthless infographics. Length of the article should not be implemented on the infographic content. It should not contain more than 300 words. To summarize the article into infographic these suggestions can be applied. 

  1. Pick the Priority Points from the Article

Pick the essential points from the article. Content in the articles are elaborated and that can be reduced. The key points in the articles should be identified and suggested to mark the priority points in the article. Unnecessary will make the user turn out to the other source and make sure while picking the priority points that can reach the audience interest.

Remove the unnecessary points from the article. This procedure of summarizing the content will figure out a complex process and enable the audience to interconnect with the content.

  1. Segment the Copy into Bullet Points

Highlighted points from the articles should be segmented into the bullet points for the clear picturization. Bullet points are the attention grabbers and those are indicated to highlight the key features in the articles. Segment the bullet points with a relative heading that should match with the content.

  1. Adjust the Point for a Clear Overview

Now that the article is summarized and the bullet points are segmented according to the related heading. Adjust the points and make sure the adjustment should convey the content to the audience. These infographics are limited and capable to illustrate the complete content within single and limited statements. At the time of adjustment points should be a sequence and must convey the message properly.

Relate Information with Ideas 

Identify the inborn points and the important points in the infographic. Format and adjust the points into a structured format. Heading and the key points in the updated article are suggested to mention them in table format. This procedure to display the content and key points will direct the audience from start to the end of the infographic design.

Transform Summary into Infographics 

Layout Copy

Infographic design should start with the layout management. Use the best infographic designing tool and capitalize on the features and performance efficiency to structure the text in a well-designed format. Prefer the text in the center tapped format for the effective readability.

Add Basic Shapes to Strengthen Relationships 

Use the basic shapes while designing to strengthen the relationships and convey the message properly. These basic shapes and grouping the elements will differentiate the related elements in the design and these parameters will create a heavy marginal change in the design.

Add Attention-Grabbing Elements 

Design should be included with the interesting symbols and signs that should attract the audience at their first glance. Representing do’s and don’ts with basic creative elements will drag the audience towards the designs.

Style and Finesse with Font and Color

Include different styles and colors in the design to make the design attractive. Make use of 2-3 different font styles to represent the segmented information. Use different color styles and make sure the colors used in the design should be attractive and should not dominate the content in the infographic.


A blog post is being considered as the effective way in the content marketing strategies. Infographics have their own prominence in the content marketing strategy. These mentioned techniques are used to turn the effective blog into a more effective visual design.

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