How to Leverage Facebook Messenger Marketing in Your Ad Campaigns


Message marketing can be termed as using mobiles, chat platforms to improve conversion, contacts, and commerce with the prospects and customers. This procedure utilizes the mobile connectivity way of marketing that will convert the audience into customers.

After the successful execution of beta test for Facebook messenger, advertising has changed their priorities towards Facebook messenger. Facebook is a huge platform for marketers with many customers.

To accomplish the success in the Facebook messenger marketing procedure these policies should be followed:

  • Be good at marketing.
  • Be good at talking with people.
  • Build long-term relationships.

If these policies are followed at the right cost that will fix the top spot among the competitors. Brands now trying actively to create conversions with the potential customers. This will have a rapid growth in attractive customers.

Three different types of ads are included in messenger that will build the one-to-one communication with customers. Messenger ads, sponsored messenger ads, and click-to messenger ads.

Messenger ads: These Ads messages directly displayed on the target audience inbox screen along with other messages. 

Sponsored Messenger Ads: Sponsored messages are delivered directly to any existing conversion in the messenger.

Click-to-messenger Ads: These Ads appear on the news feed on Facebook and on Instagram. It will create a brand chat once it is clicked on “send message”.

Identify the progressive point of customers to improve the click on ads. Focus and determine the engaging way to the audience. There few certain ways that create an engaging way to improve Facebook Ads:

  1. Facebook Messenger is not Email: Emails are outdated and cannot create an impressive impact on the audience whereas, messenger turns and drags the audience focus on the business. This process removes the obstacles and builds a relationship between the audience and business. Messenger marketing is not group marketing it’s about dealing individually.
  2. Don’t hack listen: In messenger marketing, arise the long-form and one ended questions that should be helpful in anticipation of the audience and their requirements. This gathered data can be used in any marketing. Alike email marketing pushes a product irrespective of sales and recommends them to give more information regarding people’s concern and goals.
  3. Avoid commitment torture: Stop using Tag and Comment baiting procedures that just became so annoying for the users. Make them join the conversion and make them post their viewpoints. This procedure will improve to share the information. The main reason is to engage with the audience using meaningful questions.

Huge data is gathered with this progressive procedure. This is a touch point that differs between messenger and Email marketing techniques. gathered data is pure and useful for the brand and Facebook as well.

There are three types of broadcast messages that can be sent on Facebook: 

  • Promotional Broadcast
  • Follow-up Broadcast
  • Subscription Broadcast

Promotional Broadcast:

Promotional messages, responding to the opened conversation. Marketers will have some purpose that defines they are very much concerned about customers’ opinion. Follow the 24 hours rule, reacting within 24 hours after the conversation has started.

Follow-up Broadcast:

A marketer cannot utilize promotional broadcast after 24 hours. Follow-up broadcast can be accessed within 24 hours and also can be access for the next 48 hours to engage with a person. If the session has expired then these are not considered as promotional messages. Convert the perceptions by asking a question with a quick reply or keep it open.

Subscription Broadcast:

This message type will implement promotional and follow-up broadcast. 

  • Create a fun interaction that should build a relationship
  • Send a link after the interaction is built. If there is no response set a reminder for 24 hours.
  • Still, there is no response then follow-up a reminder on the sales product.
  • This subscription broadcast is not a promotional broadcast. In messenger, marketer creates a conversation with users and makes them as subscribers.

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