Employee Attendance and Time Guide

How to check whether you are good at monitoring time and attendance?

Most of the people know the concept of “Time value of money.”

Are you facing challenges in managing time and attendance? Are you still using manual hard copies to maintain employee timesheets? There are still many organisations that have paper-based entries of time and attendance for their employees. All these take a lot of effort and time of management to check the attendance of every employee. We also need people’s help during payroll calculation which is a more costly process. Are you facing the same issues?

Let’s answer a few questions to know if you are a performer or non-performer…

  1. What method do you use to capture time and attendance?

Still you do not have a bio-metric device integrated with your attendance as well as payroll? 


Are you still using manual recording to capture your employee time-sheets? Does your employee arrive at the office on time? Majority of your time is un-utilised in tracking and maintaining the files for the employee entries.


Time and Attendance Software

Bio-metric machines will smartly directly fetch time and attendance data into the system. Thus most of the time is saved on maintaining the files. Also HR’s can focus on other core activities to improve accuracy instead of spending time on verifying the attendance of every employee.

  1. Which technique do you use to calculate overtime?

How sure are you regarding overtime calculation accuracy? 

Non- performer

Attendance System

Many companies pay more or less than actual to their employees. Is your company also doing the same thing? When companies don’t have exact figures on what they should pay to their employees, they will overcompensate and satisfy them. 


HR and Payroll Software

When you are using a cloud-based time and attendance system, neither the employer nor the employee should worry about overtime. Employees can always view their overtime and employers can easily calculate and pay accordingly through a system.

  1. How do you handle queries related to time and attendance? 

Is your time being wasted in sorting and resolving the queries? 


On boarding Software

When you use manual timekeeping, due to human errors the probability of incomplete and inconsistent data rises in payroll. Employees raise queries due to dissatisfaction as they might feel that they were paid less. All this requires additional cost & human resources to solve queries.


HRMS Software

We can minimise queries related to attendance by using a good time and attendance system. When the time and attendance system is integrated with payroll as well as performance management software, it solves almost all the queries of the employees. As employees have access to complete data regarding their payroll.

  1. Can you accommodate different shifts easily?

How do you know whether your employees are arriving on time to the office when there are different shifts? Are you able to manage the time-sheets of different shifts correctly?


Leave Management System

Handling different shift times of employees is very difficult as well as a tedious task to do. Tracking in and out timing along with break timings of individual employees is not a joke. If you do not manage their shift timings accurately employees feel dissatisfied. 


Expense Management Software in India

You can manage the task of handling different shifts of the employees easily as well as error-free through a well-planned time and attendance system only. Clear define policy for half-day, absent, late, tea break & lunch break to keep everyone at ease.

  1. Does your time and attendance is integrated with company policies?

Do all your employees follow policies regarding time and attendance? Are your policies applied consistently?


HRIS Software

Manual entry time-sheets might not be as per the rules and regulations in the company policy. In large organisations, management has to invest in training the admin staff to avoid such problems.


Payroll Process

An effective and efficient time and attendance system can be integrated with the company’s policy. And can accommodate all the rules made for early going, late coming as well as overtime; saves a lot of time and cost incurred in training admin staff.

So, decide whether you want to be a Performer or a Non-performer?

If you are a Performer, we will appreciate you.

But are you really a Performer?

Manual time and attendance management can be a torment and there is a high risk of committing mistakes. These days 70% of the queries are solved using automated HR time and attendance software. There are many ways by which we can reduce the cost through an effective and efficient time and attendance system.

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