Data Science Will Help You to Think Differently

Learning data science plays a major role in providing you with a new approach and helping you think about your work in a more informed manner while opening up new opportunities in terms of career paths and options. Mr.Abdul Baasit had exactly the same impact when he joined as a student in the very first batch of Postgraduate Program in Data Science and Machine Learning (PGPDM) program.

People from IT background; discover their interest towards data and with mathematical solutions. Some people complete a Data Science course with SAS and then move to the data science space, still if they feel unsatisfactory they go for another more in-depth course. Potential for analytics in the job market and people would be keen to deep dive further into it.

Choosing the appropriate program, plays a prominent role. Currently there are ‘n’ no. of institutes and online courses for us to explore compared to 5-6years ago. One such great institute where we can do a lot with practical applications is Sathyamedha Business Solutions (SMBS). In SMBS, we have a Data Science internship for 6 months to explore and enhance your knowledge in data science. Interacting with industry experts, peers, students, current data science employees and attending latest webinars and workshops will make your way more clear and confident.

The in-person classes were also a big advantage. It would help us to network with the right people for a better path for ourselves in the industry. After speaking to Mr.Rajesh Nakka about what the course had to offer, I felt enrolling with SMBS would be the right choice. It proved to be the right choice, with the help of the program module and practical sessions I was able to answer interview questions confidently, clear multiple rounds and finally got placed.

To add, all the courses were very well planned and structured as per the industry requirements, and while I wish we could have gone a bit deeper with a couple of concepts as it is a time bound course, I learned after the class hours also and it is a great platform for all of the students.

And as with most of our other Data Science students, I also felt that the Hospital Analytics Project was a highlight. It provided various excellent insights, as we were working with the healthcare domain. We were able to clearly see how they function and that definitely helped us better understand the application of the concepts we have learnt.

At the end of each day, the course as a whole helped us think about things around us and changed our approach towards problems from a more informed manner and it serves us well in our careers going forward.

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