Creativity, Innovation and the Business Analyst

Creativity helps in triggering ideas without boundaries. On the other hand, innovation is creativity on wheels. Once the idea is generated, we run with it until it is implemented.

For instance: creativity helps the Business Analysts to uncover alternatives for minimising the cost of production whereas innovation is the process through which the selected alternative for minimising costs comes to fruition. Creativity is applied at each and every point in the innovation process.

For a business to be innovative, it should have an environment that allows creativity to flourish. For, a solution to be identified as innovative, it must meet the below conditions, at the minimum:

  • It must be something new, which is not done before in the organisation – This may be a business model, product, new promotion, customer service model, etc.
  • It must add value.

Innovation is important in business analysis irrespective of the country, niche, age or variables that affect the organisation. It will introduce new and better solutions to already existing problems for both the business and its customers. It is the mechanism upon which the foundation of our global community rests. Business drives innovation but at the same time, it is innovation that drives the way the business grows and behaves.

Business Analysts can give support to the process of innovation by:

  • Generating creative ideas to the company’s problems — Business Analysts should understand that creativity on its own, without innovation it will be very difficult to grow the business.
  • Acting as Change Agents — Business Analysts act as change agents so as to ensure that planned change is viable. 
  • Support the implementation of solutions from conception to initiation, by providing information, managing stakeholders and engaging in all important business analysis tasks.
  • Relate innovation opportunities to business value —Innovation should increase the value delivered to the business or to meet the needs of the business.
  • Gathering requirements that do not limit the ability of designers or developers to innovate.
  • Accelerating brainstorming sessions that help stakeholders recognise opportunities for innovation.
  • Motivating stakeholders to “think outside of the box” and grab opportunities for innovation.

Innovation, whether it is big or small, can make a huge difference to the business. Give a close look at the minor improvement opportunities around you, no matter how small they are. Ideas can be generated when:

  • You are in a discussion with stakeholders
  • A process you personally experience that can be improved 
  • In case you receive a complaint email. 

Ideas can come from anywhere. The crucial thing is to look for the opportunities so that you can make a difference, no matter how big or small.

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