Various Pricing Strategies implementation

Companies implement product pricing in different ways. For small business resources, the boss will deal with pricing products. Product managers and line managers will fix the final price of the company product. Pricing strategies differ from different aspects and also based on the organization.

Pricing is the vital factor and should be concerned while fixing the final price of the product. Many companies in the market have assigned a pricing department to fix the price as per regular pricing bases. Pricing strategies are implemented based on the company’s existing customer information.

Consumer Psychology and Pricing

Consumer-based pricing is the primary aspect to watch while structuring the price. Customer behaviour totally depends on two factors, less price and quality product. These are the two factors to focus on while fixing the product price. Comparison is the essential element that a customer is always concerned about.

The market has many products and companies in the market produce similar products. Comparing similar products which belong to the different brands will be applied by the customer, to make the final decision.  Customer insights had evolved along with the market and pricing strategies.

Factors that indicate the customer insights while choosing a product to buy. 

Considering the product as the final decision will satisfy many elements. These factors play a vital role to make a product final and fixed.

  • Fair-enough to buy
  • Future price
  • Discounted price
  • Competitors price

Price Quality Inferences

High standards are the first choice for the customers. Products with the best brand name and reputations from years have major priority than any other product with struggling brand name and identity. Customers can be from any level, they can be high-level or low-level. Brand is always unique and makes customers adopt and close the deal.

Price Endings

Price ending is described as the product price without round figures. Many companies structure their product prices without any round figures. They end up with some digit at last, sale is more preferred by the customers rather than any other days in every season. Sale is the strongest weapon for all brands to drag the customers towards the product.

Pricing with odd numbers will affect the buying chances and this process of implementing “sale” will showcase a significant change in product purchasing point of view. Even if it is a seasonal sale or regular days, companies started to deal pricing with odd numbers at the end.


Pricing the major element in the market that reflects directly on the customer insights and brand preference. Every company in the market has observed the importance and carefulness while dealing with pricing. The competitive world has a lot of competitors, small business resources should be concerned with pricing strategies to maintain the equal pace with branded companies.

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