Traffic Temperature: How To Build Real Relationships With Automated Campaigns


Customers’ perspectives are not constant in their daily life. They mostly prefer personal interaction and engaging customers with the help of the automated advertisement campaigns is a critical task. Automated ads have their own specifications, these ads are the most effective medium to draw customer attention.


Consider ad campaigns as a system that provides customer interaction. This type of traffic is utilized to establish a relationship in person. This system provides various ad campaigns that work in-parallel to obtain leads and sales for a business. Every ads campaign is created to achieve a specified target.

  • It may be a promotional advertisement campaign.
  • It might be Lead conversion campaigns.
  • Campaigns may aim at selling a costly product to the best-repeated customer.

These automated ads campaigns convert audience perspectives into various stages to make them outstanding customers. A true relationship in marketing is a challenging task. Establishing a true relationship matters a lot for the growth of the company.

Not so much complicated 

Analyze the person and stage of relationship with the customer. Replace automated campaigns instead of advertising campaigns to build relationships. Audience classification should be analyzed to identify audience reaction.

Traffic temperature

Traffic temperatures have three different classifications. Hot, warm, and cold are three different classifications. Describing each and every individual traffic temperature functionality: 

Cold traffic: Initiators must follow cold traffic to improve business.

Start-ups and new businesses should start with cold traffic. In spite of the presence of existing customers and leads, use cold traffic that will improve the customer base and website traffic but does not take the core product directly into cold traffic.

The objective is to establish a relationship and then suggest the customer buy the product. Cold traffic is to create brand awareness within the target audience and ensure them to create an effective impression.

Goals of cold traffic:

  • Introduction of the brand and its credibility.
  • Pixelling, something that manages to run ads and turn them into leads.
  • Segmentation, customer choice is so specified that will be used to provide relevant offers.

Warm traffic:

Cold traffic procedure creates a traffic platform, pixelled the audience and also creates a social media base. This defines that they are related to the business and the market but they are not very much interested in the product. They can be convinced to buy the product by creating warm traffic and by publishing ads that will engage them to buy the product.

Goals of Warm traffic: 

  • Generate leads.
  • Creates low-dollar sales.

Hot traffic: 

In this type of traffic, there are many engaged customers. The main functionality of paid ads is to reach cold and warm audiences that will improve and acquire buyers. Paid ads can be utilized to reach the hot audience.

Goals of Hot traffic:

  • High dollar sales.
  • Identify the customer interested in the product and them active.

Types of traffic offers and ads:

There are many different offers to talk with the cold audience:

  • Blog posts
  • Social Media Updates
  • Content Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Primary research
  • Case Studies
  • Lead magnet
  • Quiz
  • Whitepapers

Facebook is the best platform and is the best way to find a cold audience. Suggested blogs are mentioned at the end of the page. 

Warm traffic offers: 

  • Lead Magnets
  • Quiz
  • White Papers 
  • Free Webinars
  • Flash Sales
  • Low Dollar Sales
  • Product Demo
  • Branding Videos
  • Book 
  • A La Carte Services 
  • Software/plugins
  • Free trails
  • Events

These are the offers used for the warm offers, if a website or a software is placed as sale then that will transform leads to buyers and website visitors through this marketer will have allowed them to interact directly to buy the product. By providing a trial of one-month free software, customer will get attracted with the work and this is the best way to convince customers.

Hot traffic Ads and Offers:

  • Events
  • Paid Webinar
  • High- Dollar Offer 
  • Done For You Services

Based on the buyer history, relevant ads are displayed. If these ways are channelized properly that will improve the traffic within no time. 

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