Tips for Trade Show Booth Designs

Trade show is an industrial event that is conducted to illustrate and demonstrate new products of the company. The main aim of trade shows is to bring trade members together and attract attendees towards the show booth. These booths are most helpful for an underrated brand. Here are a few tips to drag the attendees towards these trade show booths.

  1. Use a Direct and Qualified Tagline:

Give a tagline of 6 words that should be interpreted on the exact point of sight. In case of start-ups mention the brand name as a secondary. Clearly, represent the concept of the company that will reflect on the interested attendees.  

  1. Identify the Target Point:

In case of launching a new product, identify the target point and make attendees follow the point through the show considering the target point as a base point for the trade show.

  1. Display the Choice on the Backdrop:

Small sized trade shows should focus on a backdrop. Utilize the backdrop concept and make the audience remember it. Large booths will have excess reference points. These backdrops will improve eye contact.

  1. Digital Graphics Matters: 

Convey a strong message about the product and services using traditional print media. These graphics create a massive impact. Visualizing product related media on the monitors are powerful tools and push these media to a limited level. 

  1. Use QR Code in Graphics:

Include QR code for a new experience. Scanning the QR that should redirect attendees to the website with product description or a Youtube training video. This redirection procedure should provide a quality interactive experience. 

  1. Minimize the Media:

Alike billboards, media presentation on monitors that should establish a solidified impression on the product. Minimize the quantity of the media (images) that should not overwhelm the audience. 

  1. Limited Use of Colors:

Make use of three different colors that should drag the attendees. These colors should grab attention on the first glance. Inducing too many different colors that will fail to distract the primary message for attendees.

  1. Respect the Empty Spaces: 

Make sure that the booth design should have 40 percent of empty space margin. Included graphics should contain half empty graphics. Reached messages have equal prominence with unreached messages. Attendees can create and understand at their first glance and should not disarrange the media with extra information.

  1. Heights of Attraction:

The height of media display also plays a crucial role. Based on the trade show rules, adjust the display to the maximum level. Medium height will be 6-8 feet whereas short feet will be 5-6 feet above.

  1. Represent Neat and Sharp Text:

Represented text should be readable, never use more than two different font styles that will not be so clear and also fail to deliver the concept of a trade show. Be sure with the font size that must be read comfortably from a long distance by the attendees. 


The trade show is an event that is a platform to launch a new product and also bring the trade members in one single funnel. These mentioned steps are meant to follow to achieve the target mark to draw attendees.

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