Make Your On Boarding Process More Efficient

What is On boarding all about?

“On boarding” is also known as organisational socialisation. It refers to the mechanism through which new employees acquire the necessary behaviours, knowledge, and skills in order to become effective organisational members and insiders. Nowadays we have a fast paced workplace which does not wait for anyone, demanding quick invention and innovations. So, you will have a competitive advantage if new hires know what they need to work on right from the beginning through training, education, information, awareness sessions, and tools provided by the company.

Best comprehensive on boarding process is providing a list of all the information required for a new employee. On boarding process is a manageable task which involves an orientation program, handover of papers, returning of documents and signing. Once a new employee undergoes this process he/she will become the part of the organisation. Using Integrated On boarding software, increases the probability of new employees and makes sure that they are happy and satisfied employees of the company.

The entire process of on boarding makes new hires skilful, knowledgeable and built their behaviours to effectively perform in their respective teams. Making them feel comfortable in all aspects and adjust socially to perform well, is also a part of the on boarding process.

Benefits of On boarding: 

A well planned On boarding Program benefits in the following ways:

  1. Build connections and engage with employees from the early stages:

Organisations will have different core values and culture but without considering those differences, the most important thing that matters is engagement among employees. Employee engagement will play a major role after joining the company as a new employee, the on boarding process will go a long way towards encouraging him/her to retain within the company.

Assigning a buddy or mentor will help new hires to build connections quickly. Especially during the  first month they consider mentors as a resource; most engaged employees will have strong relationships with their managers and colleagues.

  1. Attract and retain the top performers:

According to the research, it was found that 60% of the HR professionals feel that there will be significant war among companies to retain high performing talent in the future. Offering competitive salary is an easy strategy to implement, but delivering non-material elements like friendly work culture and good rapport with heads of the company is not an easy task to make employees stick. With a great and planned on boarding program, we can create an amazing culture which encourages employees that helps to retain the top performers.

  1. Have transparent and two-way communication:

Normally, if anyone joins in a new job, most of the members are not comfortable in sharing difficulties that they face in their new role. An organised program with structured job roles can solve most of the queries without any hesitations and inhibitions. Such a structured on-boarding, encourages employees in creating a friendly environment for two-way communication transparently.

  1. Align and build trust:

In the organised and well planned on boarding program, new employees will interact with functional heads or seniors. During this interaction, new hires will know information and align themselves to the company targeted goals and initiatives taken by the heads in fulfilling the goals, which in turn build the trust among all the employees.

  1. Reduce employee turnover and improve business growth:

A structured on boarding program will engage the employee’s right from their joining date. Having open communication without having silo’s, creating a comfortable work culture and also building trust with their heads, seniors and colleagues. This process will improve the business growth along with employee satisfaction which ultimately reduces the employee turnover.

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