How to Create Engaging Content Using Instagram stories


Content marketing through social media is an effective medium to interact with the customers. Social media being the best platform from all the directions. Content marketing using the Instagram stories is the trend to reach the audience. These stories last for 24 hours but mean a lot for the business. Instagram had updated many features that had improved the content visibility.

Social media stories being started from the Snapchat platform. The regular updates and modifications from Instagram made the audience follow the direction. Content marketing using Instagram stories can be published in many ways. Using the features like: “swipe up” to watch and many more, which are clearly illustrated below.

  1. Tag a Friend

Influencer marketing is all about the influencers. Instagram is the best platform that is suitable for the influencers. A story with an image that demonstrates the details about the product and the “Mention” feature in Instagram will make the audience go in-depth about the story. The user can click the mention that will redirect the user to the product page or any mentioned personality. 

  1. Poll for Audience

This feature was recently included on Instagram and it is an effective update that can clearly illustrate the audience insights. Users are provided with three fields, questions and followed by “Yes” and “No”. These elements are allowed to rewrite as per user interest. Considering the example using the “Poll” feature from Instagram.

A shoe seller will take a picture of shoes and with that “Mention” the particular brand name. A poll will be initiated featuring the color of shoes and in place of “Yes” and “No”, two different colors are recommended. All the followers who come across the story, interested audience will use their poll with this procedure and audience insights can be identified.

  1. Shoutouts to Competitors

Shoutout for something that will respond with the same pace. Instagram is the base that will allow the audience to shout out their feelings on any occasion. Audience can express the positive and negative feelings. If a user account has achieved the feat of huge followers, then a screenshot with some written content can describe the entire scenario.

Writing the content for the screenshot also included by Instagram. Audiences can use different types of handwritings to represent the content in clear transparency. Shoutout will consolidate the human relationships.    

  1. Hand-free Videos

These minute 15-seconds clips will convey the content in the form of video. These hands-free videos are so effective and hold the equal prominence that a long lengthy film contains. All the small memories can be captured within these 15-seconds and can be published with the same flavor.

Boomerang videos are the fun sided used to loop the content. Even these videos hold the 15-seconds and these play a vital role to convey the content.  

  1. Story Highlights to Introduce the Brand

This feature was the recent update by Instagram. Every story, it might be a photo snap or a video of 15 seconds will expire within 24-hours. This highlight feature will add the story on the wall of the profile. The highlighted story can be accessed at any time on the profile wall.


Instagram has updated all the features that are useful for the content marketer on the social media platform. Social media is the biggest platform for content marketing that can drive them towards the content and enable the audience to share.

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