How is AI being used in Marketing Technology

AI technology will be acquiring the software by the next couple of years. To justify this statement, software is essential for the world and AI is essential for the software. AI has crossed many phases and now it has turned into an essential element.

AI has been so inconsistent since its origin. Initiating from the late 1950s AI being a program that can sense, act, and adapt. In the 1980s machine learning came into existence that turned computers to start learning without any program by using a single algorithm; later it had evolved into deep learning in 2010, in this time period machines had started to replicate the human brain and were also able to predict the outlines based on the inputs.

  • Artificial Intelligence(1950): At the time initiation AI was just being a program that can sense the command and then it finds a reason and reacts for the command. The last outcome will be considered as a prototype. 
  • Machine Learning(1980): Machine learning has created a new phase for AI. A single written algorithm is the structural change occurred in the second evolved stage. Algorithms have come across all the issues raised after the initiation.
  • Deep Learning(2010): In this stage of evolution machines started replicating the human brains. They excelled in human brain anticipation. The AI system was very shiny to predict the outcomes based on the input.

Data is the key to open the AI lock. Business has gathered massive data from the customers and also measures and tracks the investments and returns of the complete year. AI is very good to analyze and interpret the data that can increase relationships with customers and also improves the conversion margin with customers. This period was considered as a new face for marketing technology.

Machine learning and voice search had established a wide platform. Deep learning still stuck at the basic blocks to entry into marketing technology. Marketing technologies are segmented into two large bodies.


Many social networking websites use AI algorithms to identify the impactful variables to improve the user interface. AI algorithms are also used to analyze the audience analysis, conversion contexts,  investment guidance and cost management.

In the case of search engines and social media, AI algorithms are used to rank the position of web pages and if it comes to social media these algorithms translate to reach the user’s perspectives. Irrespective with functionality AI is an integral part for search engines and social media platforms.

Google analytics has a massive data track and also measures every website’s customer data. It is a big platform to identify the necessary information with respect to the conversion and sales funnel.

Google Adwords also has an essential connection with the AI. Automated has totally relied on AI, that means it is completely under the AI control. AI is the reason behind the Adword bidding. Paid marketing is also a consumer of AI.


Experiences are personal interaction with the AI. It might be any case from the mentioned experiences, personalization, responsiveness, content recommendation, chatbots, and predictive customer services. 

Consider a search illustration on any search engine then the relevant ads will appear after the next few hours. This is a clear insight of reaction for every equal action. Chatbots are also an effective element of AI. Chatbots are used by many companies and that are assisted to answer the frequently repeated questions. These chatbots do not have complete human interaction but they don’t need to be paid and they don’t have any sleep hours they work actively always to assist. 

Voice assistance, these are an integral part of AI. Voice assistants like Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa are a few examples. They take the command to gather the relevant information and produce the outcomes. This action and reaction process is just a matter of seconds. Voice assistants are very loyal and maintain integrity. These assistants have more chances of evolution.


AI is a standard part of the software and also in human lives. Appropriate implementation and usage of AI in the coming generations will evolve the level of software that plays a vital part in the world of humans. Accuracy, relevance and uniqueness are key factors that still create a huge difference of AI  in the market.

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