Driving Podcast to Top Charts

Podcast, it is an audio representation that spreads across a linear line of episodes that can be listened to and downloaded from the internet into a player or computer. Once a podcast is launched and it is approved. Within a mean time podcast should create noise, visibility, and recognition of millions of users.

 These are few steps to be followed by the while launching and driving podcast to top charts:

Step 1: Define concept and style of podcast

A successful podcast should have constant concept and style. Plan and decide before launching a podcast. It is significant to decide the concept for the podcast. Think in aspects like; what makes them listen and why they should care and also podcast must need to integrate with business.

Top charts podcasts can retain their position by providing valuable content on a specific topic that people will prefer.

There are various options to choose the style of a podcast to follow. These are few examples of never-ending traffic. 

Storytelling style of podcast

These styles of the podcast will elaborate stories. In this initial episode will begin with a story while the last episode will finish with a conclusion and each individual episode will drive the story forward.

Step 2. Foundation of podcast

First three episodes of a podcast are the basic building blocks to create impressions. These are considered as pillar episodes.

Pillar episodes are basic blocks for podcast foundation. These episodes should be mentioned and referred back to improve the traffic and high-quality leads throughout the series.

Referring leads to increase the count of listeners and they also download previous episodes. This will help to maintain consistent downloads. These pillar episodes will act as a hook with an audience. Content should produce an equal reflection from the audience and be considered as pillar episodes posts.

Step 3. launch podcast with content

While launching a podcast, create more noise and influence about the podcast. Downloading first three pillar episodes from a podcast and subscribing then leaving a review will give a rank to the podcast. This will make the podcast on top charts.

The contest will provide downloads, subscribers and rate the podcast is much needed. Launching a podcast with a contest that provides the best business category. While contest usage ensures the prize must be particular in the market.

A contest is not to attract everybody. It actually works on gathering people, value podcasts. Based on the podcast category provide the specified prize to the audience.

Making aware of a podcast and sharing it in the market will help in the podcast launch. Share the podcast with the contest among friends and community.

Media to share about the podcast contest and partnership with people who have the existing audience. 

Step 4. continue to generate buzz

Plan for next eight weeks after the launch. Make a distribution schedule to generate buzz and downloads. When the persistent traffic was created, publish an episode on Tuesday and distribute it using emails, ads and social media.

Publishing on Tuesday will give a high-ratio of downloads and the later ratio will behave like a pack of cards. Constant downloads will provide the rank for podcast rise and fall won’t provide ranks. Downloads margin should increase like a mountain not like a valley. Based on the margin and rank modify the distribution schedule.

Tuesday, go live.

Wednesday creates some noise about the latest episode prolonging the post for 3 more days then publishing the episode. This means distributing the new episode and redistributing the old episode in the entire week.

Overview, before launching the podcast plan accordingly with distribution schedule. Ensure achieving consistent downloads throughout the week that will provide rank and best margin of downloads in the market.

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