9 Tips for Designing a Billboard

A Billboard is a visual storyteller. A productive billboard grabs a person’s attention and creates a strong impression. Designing an effective billboard is not an easy task. 

Certain points need to be considered while designing a billboard:

  1. Simple Layout:

Make it simple and easy. The message on the billboard should be effective and it should be simple as well. The message should represent the brief idea about the brand.

  1. Short Copy:

Not more than 7 words, make use of simple words with accurate and easy conception. Do not use punctuations and include necessary in the message.

  1. Viewing Time:

The billboard must communicate within 5 to 10 seconds. The audience travels accurately, they may spend only 5 to 10 seconds not more than this specified period. Billboard must convey the message within this short period of time.

  1. Large Fonts and Texts:

The ultimate aim of a billboard is to convey a message. Ensure with large size, the type of the word should be clear and easy to read. Adequate line spaces, bold and simple fonts work more efficiently. Sans serif and drop shadows work better and improve readability.

  1. Contrasting Colors:

Choose the productive colors. The high color contrast will improve the readability. Black text on yellow has the highest measure of readability. Brown, earth tones, and pastels are non-preferred colors.

  1. Single Image:

Make use of one single big image instead of small objects. These large images create more impact than a bunch of small objects on the billboard.

  1. Simple Background:

Use a simple background and avoid more blank spaces. Blank spaces don’t specify the message properly. Make use of a bigger font, image, and logo.

  1. Call-To-Action:

Ensure that the message is properly conveyed to the audience and also measure the call-to-action ratio of the ads. 

  1. Balanced Logo:

There should be a balance between a logo and the image. A logo should not be as big as an image, design a small logo compared to the image.

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